Axis Voicebox FLS Floorstander

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After the Voicebox S and Voicebox EBS were designed and prototyped, their performance as a full-range system was so exceptional that we decided to combine the two into a single slim floorstander that has a smaller footprint and a lower cost. The result is the Voicebox FLS.

The top part of the Voicebox FLS is, in fact, a Voicebox S. It sits on top of a acoustically separate volume that houses a slimmed down version of the Voicebox EBS. This ‘skinny’ EBS has a slightly smaller driver than the Voicebox EBS, has a slightly smaller volume, but uses the same plate amplifier (Voicebox EBA-150).

A pair of Voicebox FLS is sonically identical to a pair of Voicebox S + a pair of Voicebox EBS combined, except that the Voicebox VBS/EBS combo reaches down to 20Hz, whereas the Voicebox FLS reaches down to ‘only’ 30Hz!

Specifications — Axis Voicebox FLS

Frequency Response 60Hz – 20kHz ±2dB (on tweeter axis)
45Hz – 20kHz ±2.5dB (1/3 octave pink noise)
30 – 150Hz (Bass Extender)
Crossover Frequency
(Bass Extender)
Variable 40 – 120Hz
Power Output
(Bass Extender)
Active Class D 150W amplifier (variable level control)
Phase Switchable 0º and 180º
Drivers 50mm metal true ribbon (custom)
5.25″ NOMEX paper
7″ high-performance Wavecor aluminium cone
Dimensions 1010mm x 180mm x 200mm (H x W x D).
Cable sockets on rear add 28mm to the depth.
Net Weight 18kg (each)
Carton Dimensions 1200mm x 580mm x 340mm (pair)
Gross Weight 38.5kg (pair)