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We know that, when it comes to audio purchasing, passion and an individual’s discernment play a major role. This is the reason we design and manufacture not to a price but to a standard. With this goal we can be confident that we’re offering the best we can achieve under a given construct and that the product will reflect the best possible performance and build quality.

Our loudspeakers are an extraordinary fusion of the ethereal abstract and the unflinching practical. When it comes to the reproduction of music there is no compromise…

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About Us

What kind of product and company ethos would emerge from the profound combined knowledge and experiential depths of two talented engineers and music lovers with a lifetime in loudspeaker design excellence? What would result from such a brilliantly accomplished alliance?

The answer lies in the rebirth of Axis Loudspeakers from Australia. A renaissance brought about by the unlikely union between once formidable rivals.
Yes, competitors John Reilly and Brad Serhan form an association, a coalition of excellence

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